The Top Panama City Beach Condos for Families

Panama City Beach is a popular destination for family vacations, offering beautiful beaches, fun attractions, and a variety of accommodation options. It’s important to find the right place to stay for an enjoyable family trip. To help you plan your vacation, we’ve compiled a list of the top Panama City Beach condos for families. These condos offer the best amenities, locations, and comfort to ensure a fantastic stay for you and your loved ones.


Why Choose a Condo in Panama City Beach?

Choosing a condo for your family vacation in Panama City Beach comes with numerous benefits. Condos typically provide more space than hotel rooms, allowing your family to spread out and feel at home. They often include full kitchens, making it easy to prepare meals and snacks. Many condos also offer amenities such as pools, hot tubs, and easy access to the beach.

Benefits of Staying in a Condo

  • More Space: Enjoy separate bedrooms, living areas, and sometimes even multiple bathrooms.
  • Home Comforts: Full kitchens, laundry facilities, and home-like amenities.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money by cooking meals and avoiding expensive hotel dining.
  • Family-Friendly Amenities: Pools, playgrounds, and entertainment options right at your doorstep.

Top Panama City Beach Condos for Families

1. Tidewater Beach Resort

Tidewater Beach Resort
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Tidewater Beach Resort is a favorite among families for its fantastic location and amenities. Located directly on the beach, it offers stunning ocean views and easy beach access.

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  • Features: Two outdoor pools, indoor pool, fitness center, movie theater, game room.
  • Why Families Love It: Spacious units, convenient location, family-friendly amenities.

2. Splash Resort

Splash Resort
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Splash Resort lives up to its name with its fun water park features, making it a hit with kids and parents alike. This resort is designed with families in mind, offering a range of activities to keep everyone entertained.

  • Features: Water park, lazy river, pools, kids’ splash pad, dive-in movie theater.
  • Why Families Love It: Endless entertainment options for children, beach access, comfortable condos.

3. Calypso Resort & Towers

Calypso Resort & Towers
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Calypso Resort & Towers is known for its prime location near Pier Park, Panama City Beach’s premier shopping and entertainment district. It’s perfect for families who want to be close to attractions.

  • Features: Two outdoor pools, tiki bar, fitness center, beach service.
  • Why Families Love It: Proximity to Pier Park, spacious and well-equipped condos, great amenities.

4. Shores of Panama

Shores of Panama
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Shores of Panama offers luxurious accommodations with a massive pool area that’s sure to impress. It’s a fantastic option for families looking for a resort-like experience.

  • Features: Lagoon-style pool, indoor pool, spa, fitness center, beach access.
  • Why Families Love It: Large pool area, easy beach access, modern and comfortable condos.

5. Long Beach Resort

Long Beach Resort
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Long Beach Resort is known for its expansive beach frontage and beautifully designed condos. Families love the resort’s convenient location and extensive amenities.

  • Features: Multiple pools, hot tubs, fitness center, beach service.
  • Why Families Love It: Direct beach access, spacious condos, excellent amenities.

6. Aqua Resort

Aqua Resort
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Aqua Resort combines luxury and convenience, offering beautiful condos with stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s ideal for families seeking a high-end vacation experience.

  • Features: Indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, spa, beach service.
  • Why Families Love It: Luxurious accommodations, prime beach location, family-friendly amenities.

7. Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort

Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort

Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort is a sprawling property that offers something for everyone. With its extensive amenities and activities, it’s a perfect choice for active families.

  • Features: Multiple pools, golf course, tennis courts, fitness center, on-site dining.
  • Why Families Love It: Variety of activities, spacious condos, beach access.

8. Majestic Beach Resort

Majestic Beach Resort

Majestic Beach Resort lives up to its name with its impressive amenities and beautiful condos. Families enjoy the resort’s location and the numerous activities available on-site.

  • Features: Indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, tennis courts, on-site dining.
  • Why Families Love It: Family-friendly activities, convenient location, well-appointed condos.

9. Grand Panama Beach Resort

a large building next to a body of water

Grand Panama Beach Resort offers a blend of luxury and family-friendly amenities. Its convenient location and excellent facilities make it a top choice for families.

  • Features: Pools, hot tubs, fitness center, tiki bar, beach access.
  • Why Families Love It: Beautiful condos, easy access to attractions, excellent amenities.

10. The Summit Beach Resort

The Summit Beach Resort

The Summit Beach Resort is a long-time favorite for families visiting Panama City Beach. It offers a variety of activities and amenities to ensure a fun and relaxing stay.

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  • Features: Pools, hot tubs, fitness center, on-site dining, beach service.
  • Why Families Love It: Family-friendly atmosphere, great location, plenty of activities.

Tips for Choosing the Right Condo

Consider Your Family’s Needs

  • Size of the Condo: Ensure there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms for everyone.
  • Amenities: Look for pools, kids’ clubs, and other family-friendly features.
  • Location: Pick a place that’s easy to get to for the things you want to do.

Check Reviews and Ratings

  • Read Reviews: Look for feedback from other families to ensure the condo meets your needs.
  • Check Ratings: Higher ratings often indicate better overall experiences.

Budget Considerations

  • Check Prices: Search for the best deals and check costs on a number of sites.
  • Consider Extra Costs: Factor in any additional fees, such as resort fees or parking charges.


Choosing the right condo can make a significant difference in your family vacation experience. Panama City Beach offers a variety of condos that cater to families, providing the space, comfort, and amenities needed for a memorable trip. Whether you prefer a condo with a water park, a luxurious beachfront resort, or a location near popular attractions, there’s something for every family in Panama City Beach.


Q1. What amenities should I look for in a family-friendly condo?

Look for amenities such as pools, kids' clubs, beach access, and full kitchens to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your family.

Q2. Are there condos in Panama City Beach with kid-friendly activities?

Yes, many condos offer kid-friendly activities such as splash pads, game rooms, and organized events to keep children entertained.

Q3. How far in advance should I book a condo in Panama City Beach?

It’s best to book several months in advance, especially for peak travel seasons, to ensure availability and get the best rates.

Q4. Can I find condos with direct beach access in Panama City Beach?

Absolutely! Many condos in Panama City Beach offer direct beach access, allowing you to easily enjoy the beautiful shoreline.

Q5. Are there pet-friendly condos in Panama City Beach?

Yes, some condos in Panama City Beach are pet-friendly. Be sure to check the specific pet policies of the condo before booking.

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