Top 11 Nude Beaches to Visit in Spain

Spain is a great place to go if you want to leave it all out on the beach. You can be naked in public, there are more than 8,000 kilometers of coast, and there are a lot of different areas you can visit. I’ve been going to Spain every year for more than ten years to enjoy the beaches, and I still find great hidden stretches and unexpected places.

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Technically, you can sunbathe without a shirt on any beach, but if you want to be completely naked, you should go to a naturist or nudist beach. And every area has its natural highlights. We’ve put together a list of Spain’s best beaches where you can enjoy being naked in the wild.

1. Torimbia Beach – Asturias

If you see Torimbia, you’ll probably cry happy tears. These crescent-shaped stretches are some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches where you can be naked. Therefore, you don’t need to wear clothes to enjoy this white-sand Atlantic paradise area.


Somewhat away from people, the parking on top is free, and it’s not hard to get to. People enjoy swimming, relaxing, having picnics, and watching the sunset here. Simply enjoying the natural beauty of Spain’s Asturias area one step at a time.

2. Platja Del Torn – Tarragona

Are you looking for a beach where being naked is not only okay but expected? That’s Platja del Torn, which is one of the nicest beaches in Catalonia and where you can be naked. From one side, you can see the woods of the Mediterranean, and from the other, you can see the endless blue of the sea.

The Spanish nudist organization keeps the beach clean, and you’ll be around other people who share your interests. For a great nudist vacation in Europe, what else do you need?

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3. Cantarriján Beach – Granada

Cantarriján Beach - Granada
Credit: Pixabay

Cantarriján is a popular cove in the cliffs between Nerja and La Herradura. It has a rather famous reputation as a beach where people go naked in Spain. You can go to the beach without clothes on, and it’s great for families.

It’s also a pebble beach, so swimming shoes are suggested for a more comfortable swim. There are bathrooms, showers, sunbeds, bars, and even massage parlours here. It pretty much has everything a normal beach would have, but the fact that it’s a naturist beach is a big plus.

4. Artola Beach – Marbella

Artola is Marbella’s best beach for being naked. The sand hills of Cabopino make it look stunning. The piece of beach that isn’t covered is near the western end. You can look forward to lots of room, nice sand, and good swimming conditions here. Enjoy your time among the dunes, listening to the wind and watching the waves.

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5. Maspalomas Beach – Gran Canaria

Maspalomas is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world where people aren’t covered up. It is part of the huge dunes that look like the Sahara. Beautiful places like these call for enjoying them naked, and people from all over the world come to the sands to do just that. The naked people area is near Beach Kiosk #4, and there is a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean right in front of you.

A lot of land hasn’t been built on yet, so make sure you buy everything you need for the picnic ahead of time at a store in Maspalomas. You can always play in the dunes, take a lot of pictures, and be amazed by this amazing natural feature. I would climb to the top of the sandhill at sunset to see the most beautiful view of the sun going down into the ocean.

6. Playa Nudista Benalnatura – Malaga

Playa Nudista Benalnatura - Malaga
Credit: Pixabay

You are in Malaga and want to enjoy the sun and sea of the south of Spain. The nudist beach that is closest to the center will be Guadalmar. Go check it out if you want to take a quick swim or lay out in the sun. The problem with Guadalmar is that it’s right next to the beach, which means that non-nudes get a lot of attention.

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Benalnatura is in the vacation town of Benalmádena on the Costa del Sol. For a more personal experience, go there. It’s a beach and cove that are clean, stress-free, and happy for LGBTQ people.

7. Platja de Llevant – Formentera

People who want to get rid of clothes will love the northern tip of the island of Formentera. The water at Llevant Beach is the clearest, and the people there are naturists. You will have to walk a little to get here, but the path will take you along Patja de Ses Illetes, which is another beautiful white-sand beach on Formentera (though this one is more for people who are dressed up). To fully enjoy the beauty of the Balearic Islands, make sure you bring drinks and snacks with you.

8. Es Cavallet – Ibiza

The best choice for a gay-friendly, barefoot beach in Ibiza is this one, which is also very long and stunningly beautiful. For a long time, Es Cavallet has been a popular spot for naturists. It has room for everyone, nice sand, and clear, emerald waves from the Mediterranean. The stretch is very long, so you will have to walk a lot. There are many bars and restaurants where you can get drinks and hot food.

9. Aigües Blanques – Ibiza

Aigües Blanques - Ibiza
Credit: Pixabay

The beach area of Aigües Blanques is on the eastern side of the island of Ibiza. It is a great place to be naked. It’s pretty far away and can only be reached by car. The water is clear blue, and the views are stunning.

The road to the beach is steep and rocky, so bring shoes that are easy on the feet. When you get to the beach, turn left. That’s where the nude area is, all by itself. Aigües Blanques is a peaceful Mediterranean paradise, while Ibiza is known for its flashy and wild nightlife.

10. Cala Morisca – Sitges

It’s a normal Costa Dorada cove with beautiful views. To find a beach where people can be naked close to Barcelona and Sitges, check out Cala Morisca. The location is as beautiful as it gets, and you’ll be surrounded by people who love bare all.

You will have to pay for parking and food, though. In the last few years, Cala Morisca has become more private. There is now a restaurant next to the water, and you have to pay a daily fee to park your car there. It’s still a great place to go for a naked day trip from Barcelona.

11. Mar Bella Beach – Barcelona

The Poblenou metro stop is just a few blocks away, making this Barcelona nudist beach close to the city center and easy to get to by public transportation. Go straight to the area where you don’t have to wear clothes to fully experience the Mediterranean. While sipping a drink, you can relax in one of the chiringuitos, which also have bathrooms and showers.

Also, remember that Mar Bella is one of the most famous gay-friendly beaches in Barcelona where you can go naked. It will be crowded during the busy season, but that’s what you get for a beach in the city where you can be naked.


Q1. What are nude beaches?

Nude beaches are stretches of coastline where nudity is permitted and often embraced by visitors. In Spain, these beaches offer a liberating experience for those who enjoy sunbathing and swimming without clothing.

Q2. Are these beaches family-friendly?

While some nude beaches may have a more relaxed atmosphere, it's important to research each beach individually. Some nude beaches in Spain are family-friendly, while others may cater more to adults.

Q3. What amenities are available at these beaches?

Amenities vary depending on the beach but typically include restroom facilities, showers, and nearby restaurants or cafes. Some may offer rental services for beach chairs and umbrellas.

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