“Cardiff to Liverpool Bus: Timing, Class, Affordable Prices, Luxurious Amenities”

The Cardiff to Liverpool Bus route is a safe and enjoyable mode of travel between these two dynamic cities. Traveling through breathtaking views can be a never-to-be-forgotten journey. Whenever I think about beauty, the place that comes first to my mind is Liverpool. Cardiff is popular for its scenic views and the best place to start your scenically beautiful journey to Liverpool, a modern urban city. 

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Traveling from Cardiff to Liverpool by Bus is not just about traveling from one country to another, it’s about experiencing different cities, their culture, things, etc. The tour is budget-friendly and offers full comfort with panoramic views. 

Top 5 Cardiff to Liverpool Bus Schedule

1. Megabus

Traveling by Bus from Cardiff to Liverpool is a great choice because it lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery of both cities while keeping your travel costs down.

  • Timing: 03:30 – 13:10
  • Duration: 9h40m
  • Class: Comfortable Seat
  • Ticket: €31
  • Passenger Amenities: AC, Wifi, Toilet, Power Socket
Cardiff to Liverpool Bus
Image Source: Cardiff to Liverpool Bus

 2. Megabus

No matter if you are traveling alone or with friends and family, this ride from Cardiff to Liverpool by Bus is going to be full of amazing experiences with great views and fun stops.

  • Timing: 03:35 – 13:10
  • Duration: 9h35m
  • Class: Comfortable Seat
  • Ticket: €31
  • Passenger Amenities: AC, Wifi, Toilet, Power Socket

 3. Transport of Wales

Taking the Cardiff to Liverpool Coach is an unforgettable experience that mixes the ease of bus travel with the beauty of the Cardiff and Liverpool countryside.

  • Timing: 09:04 – 13:20
  • Duration: 4h16m
  • Class: Comfortable Seat
  • Ticket: €53

4. Transport of Wales

Traveling by bus from Cardiff to Liverpool is a wiser option in financial terms and terms of comfort too. The ride is considered joyful and affordable. The details about the Cardiff to Liverpool Bus are mentioned below:

  • Timing: 09:22 – 13:20
  • Duration: 3h58m
  • Class: Comfortable Seat
  • Ticket: €52
Cardiff to Liverpool Bus
Image Source: Cardiff to Liverpool Bus

5. FlixBus

One should know about ongoing offers or discounts before booking tickets from Cardiff to Liverpool Bus to make your trip secure, reliable, and low-cost. Make the most of your time on the bus to make it an unforgettable experience.

  • Timing: 17:15 – 05:40
  • Duration: 12h25m
  • Class: Comfortable Seat
  • Ticket: €22
  • Passenger Amenities: AC, Wifi, Toilet, Power Socket


How do I book tickets for the Cardiff to Liverpool Bus journey?

You can book bus tickets in advance through the bus operators' websites or at the ticket counters at Cardiff Bus Station. Booking Online Cardiff to Liverpool bus tickets often offers discounts and specials.

Are there any amenities for the Cardiff to Liverpool Bus route?

 The Cardiff to Liverpool by Bus route usually offers amenities such as:

 Reclining seats
 Water bottle

How can I look for timetables and routes of the buses in a new city?

There are official websites, mobile apps, and journey planners to find out the routes and timetables of the bus. You can also visit the nearby station and get help from the locals.

How long does the bus journey from Cardiff to Liverpool take?

Cardiff to Liverpool Bus travel usually takes between 8 and 10 hours, depending on the route, stops, and traffic conditions.


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