“Trains From Warsaw to Berlin: Top 4 Comfortable Trains”

There are multiple choices available for traveling from Warsaw to Berlin Train. Choosing to travel by train from Warsaw to Berlin would be a more economical and time-efficient option compared to driving or flying. On the other hand, the regional train takes a longer time to reach the destination. Tickets can be purchased online, and the prices differ based on the train type and travel time. It is advisable to make advance bookings to secure the most favorable price.


List of Warsaw to Berlin Trains

1. Express Train #EC 246

When traveling between two cities, this style of Trains is more comfortable for both long and short trips. Here is the schedule specific in the early morning from Warsaw to Berlin Train.

  • Timing- 06:13 am – 12:11 pm
  • Duration- 5h58m
  • Class- Economy/1st Class Seat
  • Ticket Price- $77/Passenger
  • Passenger Amenities- Power Socket
Warsaw to Berlin train
Image Source: Warsaw to Berlin train

2. Express Train #EC 48

Express trains with nice interiors and comfy seats are available for all types of routes for your family and kids. Here is the schedule specific in the morning from Warsaw to Berlin Train.

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  • Timing- 08:21 am – 14:08 pm
  • Duration- 5h47m
  • Class- Economy/1st Class Seat
  • Ticket Price- $77/Passenger
  • Passenger Amenities- Power Socket
Warsaw to Berlin train
Image Source: Warsaw to Berlin train

3. Express Train #EC 44

The journey from Warsaw to Berlin Train is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to save money and time. Here are the details of the train.

  • Timing- 12:15 pm – 18:12 pm
  • Duration- 5h57m
  • Class- Economy /1st Class Seat
  • Ticket Price- $77/Passenger
  • Passenger Amenities- Power Socket
Warsaw to Berlin train
Image Source: Warsaw to Berlin

4. Express Train #EC 40

These high-speed trains are quick and avoid stations, this kind of train shortens the distance that passengers must travel. Here are the details of the Warsaw to Berlin Train In the afternoon.

  • Timing- 16:14 pm – 22:11 pm
  • Duration- 5h57m
  • Class- Economy/ 1st Class Seat
  • Ticket Price- $77/Passenger
  • Passenger Amenities- Power Socket
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Why Take the Train from Warsaw to Berlin?

Warsaw to Berlin may be reached by several routes. bus or aircraft, depending on availability and preference. But Trains are a more comfortable, scenic, and eco-friendly way to travel to know any country more personally. Trains provide more scheduling and route flexibility along with being more cost-effective, making them more useful for passengers with a lot of luggage or for exploring after arriving. Your journey experience is what matters most.

What is the least expensive method to go from Warsaw to Berlin?

The least expensive method of transportation from Warsaw to Berlin is via Train. Warsaw to Berlin Train takes at least 5:20 hours to reach. And it is one of the best ways to travel to know and see the country in more beautiful ways.


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